Black History Month

Black History Month Education Program

shelbyHealdsburg Jazz expanded its capacity to serve its constituents in 2012 by creating a Black History Month program in February, for students in grades 3-6. It is a four-part program that includes nine school lecture-demonstrations with a concert field trip and after school Student Choir and Band that will perform in front of their peers at the student concert.

Drawing on its ties to the Bay Area jazz community, the organization engaged bassist-composer Marcus Shelby to conduct Civil Rights-themed workshops at eight Healdsburg and Geyserville schools. Shelby blends music and other media to present in-depth but accessible portraits of the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr., Harriet Tubman and other relevant themes, that empower students to fulfill their role in society’s ongoing struggle for full equality.

Students have the opportunity to join a student choir. Under Shelby’s direction, this ensemble of 20-30 voices learns a wide range of blues-based compositions over the course of three or four after-school rehearsals and perform them accompanied by professional musicians at the Raven Theater.

All participating schools attend a concert with music based on the theme of the current year, during the last week of February at the Raven Performing Arts Theater with Marcus Shelby Quintet and a special guest vocalist. The student choir is featured on stage as Shelby and his ensemble perform his jazz oratorio. Over 800 students participate in this program and for this reason there are two concerts on this day.

The workshops and concerts are free of charge for students at the participating schools. For more information call (707) 433-4633, or send us email.