High School Competition

Student Jazz Combo Competition

The latest addition to Healdsburg Jazz music education, the Student Jazz Combo Competition (SJCC) recruits young musicians from across Sonoma County to form ensembles of up to six members to meet, either in school or during the after-school hours, to select and/or write material that reflects their personal vision of jazz.

To support the creative process, SJCC provides to students the opportunity to work with professional musicians to address specific areas where the groups feel they need the most help, including arranging, rhythm and horn sections, and how best to incorporate vocals. SJCC’s inaugural year culminates this April with the groups performing before family, friends and community members at a juried competition, with the top ensemble receiving $1,000 and the opportunity to open for a Healdsburg Jazz Festival headliner.

SJCC represents an important contribution to Sonoma County education by providing the incentive and information students need to make the creative leap from reading charts in school bands and orchestras to understanding the exhilaration of jazz improvisation. Participants are empowered to make valuable contributions to the county’s cultural and economic life while forming vital, supportive relationships with peers and adults that will strengthen leadership and interpersonal communications skills and foster life-building values.