‘Tuesday in the Plaza’ with Grupo Falso Baiano

with vocalist Fabiana Passoni and percussionist Jorge Alabe

GrupoFalsoBaiano_2Healdsburg Plaza
Corner Plaza & Matheson
6-8  p.m. | Free

African rhythms, brought to the Americas via slaves, were the seeds that at gave rise to blues, jazz, rhythm and blues and basically all forms of popular music in what became the United States. Those seeds spread much farther, instigating dozens of forms, including soca, calypso , bachata, mambo, reggae – and one that arose in 19th century Brazil called choro.

Grupo Falso Baiano plays an energetic blend of instrumental Brazilian choro, samba and jazz. They are bringing this swinging, celebratory sound to the Healdsburg’s popular free “Tuesdays in the Plaza” this year as part of the Healsburg Jazz Festival.

Choro is one of Brazil’s earliest popular musics, dating back to the late 1800s; similar to jazz, it reflects the melding of African rhythms with a melodic and harmonic structure closely resembling baroque classical music. Falso Baiano’s exploration of choro spans nearly 100 years, including everything from the traditional to more contemporary versions and jazz-influenced reinterpretations, offering a window into the history and diverse culture of Brazil.

Brian Moran plays seven-string guitar, with woodwinds player Zack Pitt-Smith, Jesse Appelman on mandolin, and percussionist Ami Molinelli. For this concert the band is joined by world percussionist Jorge Alabe and singer Fabiana Passoni.

In its rhythmic approach and instrumental blends, choro shares some characteristics with traditional jazz and Dixieland. Call it a case of parallel musical evolution. Or forget that and just dance.