Jazz at the Hotel Healdsburg

Adam Shulman Trio

Date: Saturday, June 1
Time: 9 p.m. – Midnight
Cost: Free
Where: Spirit Bar at Hotel Healdsburg, 25 Matheson St., Healdsburg

Though jazz has evolved in multiple directions in the past half century, much of the language used by almost all playerscomes from bebop. As long as this is reality,there will be musicians studying it, refining it, performing it—torchbearers, if you will.

Pianist Adam Shulman is a case in point. Known for his on-the-money playing for Bay Area jazz stars like Marcus Shelby, Dana Stephens, Anton Schwartz, Paula West, and others, Adam this year performs a crucial role at the Healdsburg Jazz Festival—he and his trio of drummer Evan Hughes and bassist Owen Clapp are the entertainment in the lobby of the Healdsburg Hotel on Saturday, June 1.

Why crucial? Because this is where many of the festival artists stay, and if they feel like it they can sit in with the band, let their hair down, and swing. Regardless if they do or not, Adam and his band of like-minded boppers definitely will be swinging hard. If you’re a jazz fan, which obviously you are, you might consider swinging by the hotel
yourself between or after gigs. Get a drink and float on the groove for a spell.