Carlitos Medrano & Sabor de mi Cuba

Free Concert at the Healdsburg Plaza
Healdsburg Ave. and Matheson St.

Tuesday, June 6, 6 – 8 p.m.

Cuban music never stints on rhythm, and rhythm makes you want to dance. So consider this an open invitation to move your feet–make that your whole body–when Carlitos Medrano and Sabor De Mi Cuba hit the stage.

Playing a swirling fusion of Cuban folkloric music that incorporates such popular rhythms as Son, Changui, Conga, Rumba and Timba, this mesmerizing septet featuring Medrano on congas and percussion, Sulkary Valverde on vocals, Jason Moen on piano, Ernesto Mazar on bass, Craig Bryant on trombone, Bill Ortega on trumpet and Colin Douglas on drums, went to the source to gain inspiration, recording its self-titled debut album in Cuba.

Formed in 2012 and based in San Francisco, the group has been galvanizing audiences receptive to the music of a nation whose arts may soon be more familiar to American listeners. So get ready to take part in “Cuban-style fiesta”–just remember to wear your dance shoes.