Getting Your Act Together

1028 Prince Avenue
Band Room | 11AM-2PM
$50 participants | $25 to audit
The class is open to all levels of expertise

2012 NEA Jazz Master and Healdsburg Jazz Festival featured performer Sheila Jordan invites singers of all levels to a Vocal Master Class. Teaching since 1978, Sheila is as passionate about passing on her knowledge as she is about singing. “My purpose in life is to keep this music alive, Sheila says. “I’m going to die one day. Is the music going to die with me? No!”

In the class Sheila will talk about her own life, how she learned singing and what her approach is to it. She will cover bebop and scat singing, and teach at least one song that the class can sing together. She urges anyone who wants to learn a specific song to bring in a lead sheet, although that’s not necessary. “I want to give people the jazz fever,” Sheila says. “Once they get the jazz fever, they won’t want to sing anything else.”

From 1978 until 2005 Sheila taught jazz singing at City College of New York. She teaches every year with Jazz in July at the University of Massachusetts at Amherst and at the Vermont Jazz Center in Brattleboro. She also conducts workshops around the world. She says she believes in teaching from the heart, offering encouragement to build confidence.