Summer’s coming to an end – with a heat wave, of course, after a cooler-than-usual year. It’s been an unusual season in a number of ways, especially at the Healdsburg Jazz Festival. Normally, this is a quiet time of year for us, before the planning for the education programs and the annual summer Healdsburg Jazz Festival really gets going.

But this is not a normal year.

When people ask, How can I help the Festival get back on its feet? I tell them there are three simple steps you can take to get us moving again.

  • Step up (donate)
  • Sign up (volunteer)
  • Show up (buy tickets)

Step Up to Donate: They say journey begins with a single step, and all it takes is the decision to help. Please help insure we have a 2011 Festival, and are able to continue building the reputation of Healdsburg as a jazz destination.

  • New Options: Our Donate page can now accept recurring transactions. Which means if your enthusiasm exceeds your cash flow, you can set your own schedule in making tax deductible contributions to our non-profit organization.

Sign Up to Volunteer for HJF, and help solve our struggles actively. Join a devoted network of your fellow enthusiasts to keep the music alive in your home town. The meetings will focus on creating ways to bring in income for the Festival by doing fundraisers, working with wineries, and other new ideas.

Committees will be forming to work on different projects. We need lots of help and hope everyone is charged up and ready to pitch in! Please join us at the upcoming Volunteer Meetings:

  • Wednesday October 6, 6:30 – 8 PM. Meeting will be held in our usual spot, upstairs at the Alliance Medical Center, 1341 University St. tucked in behind the Healdsburg Hospital. (The best entrance for parking is off Prentice Street.)
  • Wednesday November 10, 6:30 – 8 PM. Same location, at the Alliance Medical Center. If you go to the first meeting you can share your ideas and progress here. But newcomers are always welcome – there’s always something to do!

Show Up! One of the most popular ideas for the Healdsburg Jazz Festival – in fact the reason we exist – is to bring the living, breathing creative energy of jazz alive in performance. And it deserves your support.

We are arranging to have several fundraising events featuring some of the musicians who lent their names to our efforts to Save the Healdsburg Jazz Festival. These performances are the most enjoyable way to show your support, so buy your tickets to Healdsburg Jazz Festival events.

Just don’t forget to Step Up and Sign Up before you Show Up!

Jessica Felix